Call for Submissions – PHPC Continuing Professional Development Symposium 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Halifax World Trade & Convention Centre, Halifax, NS



Nightmares & Dreams in Public Health Practice

in association with the Canadian Public Health Association's Annual Conference

Share the lessons from your best and worst professional experiences as a public health physician (or as a resident)!

 This Morbidity and Mortality Rounds format will provide a forum for Public Health Physicians to share some of their most challenging and inspiring cases and, most importantly, the lessons learned from these experiences. It is also a forum for you to share the accomplishments you are most proud of [as well as your most disappointing moments] and allow others to adopt your best practices.

Presenters will be eligible to receive a discounted rate of $400 for the 2017 CPHA Conference in Halifax!

PHPC’s Annual Society Dinner will follow the CPD Symposium


The Public Health Physicians of Canada invites you to submit a Presentation Abstract for the Continuing Professional Development Symposium being planned for Monday, June 5 2017, to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Each presentation will be structured as M & M Rounds with a brief description of the context, an analysis of the ‘problem’ and actions taken, and finally, lessons learned. The focus is on professional practice experiences of our members that are potentially instructive to colleagues.

If you have faced a public health crisis or problem that has had an adverse outcome or an excellent outcome, please consider sharing your experience and lessons learned. It is also an opportunity to leveraging the collective knowledge of your peers to work through solutions to ongoing challenges.

If you would like to submit an abstract, please complete the abstract form and submit it no later than February 1, 2017.  If you prefer, you can initially email to indicate your interest in presenting, along with the topic/title of your talk.

Click here  to submit your abstract.




The goal of PHPC’s Public Health M&M rounds is to discuss specific public health practice scenarios and cases that resulted in exceptional outcomes – good or bad. These cases should provide lessons learned related to the decisions made, external factors, or system issues.


We invite you to give either a 10 or 20 minute presentation based on the complexity of your topic, followed by a 10 minute group discussion. 


Please note: The time will be dependent on the number of submissions received.


The abstract submission will include the following information on your case


1.    Context: What is the overall context of the public health crisis or question at hand?

2.    Exacerbating Factors: What were the factors that complicated the situation?

3.    Problem identification: What is the core problem or issue?

4.    Actions: What actions were taken, or what potential actions were/are being considered.

5.    Analysis: What went wrong/what went right? Were there systems issues, cognitive issues, personnel issues?

6.    Lessons learned: What lessons can be applied in the future in the same context, what lessons can be applied to all contexts

7.    Call for solutions:  What remain the unanswered questions and specific issues that you are seeking further input on?


M&M Bottom Line

(Please include a one-sentence, bottom line, or indicate if this should be developed during the CPD session.)


Click here  to submit your abstract.

    Please email and any question to Leah Salvage at



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