Population Health Evidence that Matter (PopEMs)

Population Health Evidence that Matters (PopEMs) are biweekly peer reviewed electronic evidence-summaries for Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialists in Canada. They are a population medicine version of the popular ‘patient oriented evidence that matters (InfoPOEMs)’ distributed to clinicians by the Canadian Medical Association. 

PopEMs provide a brief review and analysis of a current practice-relevant article or report from the public health and medical literature and are designed to be read in <5 minutes. The PopEM project is part of an effort to help PHPM practitioners and medical officers of health to meet the MOH Core Competency Domains. Click here to see a PopEM sample. The PopEMs project is administered by your national specialty society – the Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPC).

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PopEMs will be distributed by email on a monthly basis to Canadian Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialists and practitioners. PopEMs, available in both official languages, will be posted to the PHPC website and archived. 

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PHPM residents at all levels are encouraged to submit PopEMs. Developing and submitting a PopEM should be an educational experience that is straightforward and enjoyable. Detailed guidelines for submitting a PopEM, as well as a template for submission are below. Junior residents may wish to speak to senior resident colleagues, faculty members or their program directors for advice on faculty supervision.
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